Friday, 28 September 2012

Darkfall Book Review Author Stephen Laws

This week the Grumbling Gargoyle gives us her thoughts on the novel 'Darkfall' penned by the vivid imagination of author Stephen Laws.

There’s a storm coming. In the office block, oblivious to the approaching chaos, the Christmas party revellers continue with their celebrations...until the bad thing happens and suddenly they all disappear without trace other than...a single severed hand.

DI Jack Cardiff along with his investigative team are about to discover the horror that is ‘Darkfall’. They face unimaginable terror as the very walls around them, plaster, stone, brick...take on a life of their own. For all of those trapped in the building and cut off by the savage ferocity of the weather things couldn’t get any worse...until of course...they do!

I love this author. Why? Well I’ll tell you. He writes with such imagination that you honestly never know where he’s going to take you next within each delicious page or what kind of bizarre happening is going to keep you so enthralled that before you know it the dog’s reported you to the RSPCA for neglect and you’ve grown quite a full and substantial beard ( which took me by surprise given that I’m female!). Laws is the only author whose work I would purchase immediately upon release without having read the blurb, such is the confidence I have in this mans ability to entertain me whilst maintaining a high standard of writing.

Laws unique approach to storytelling allows the reader to experience the true meaning of horror, a type of horror never before encountered which never fails to shock. With his work you’re not developing trench foot from constantly wading through the quagmire of ‘Same old, Same old’ Horror Fiction, oh no, this stuff is much grittier and far more inventive. Each of Laws
books catapults you to a different experience of fear, induced by his creative genius.

Darkfall is no exception. Oh ‘Here there be Monsters’ indeed...and then some! Without wishing to give too much away it’s suffice to say that the building itself behaves in such a way as to terrorize everyone within the confines of its unnatural pseudo-organic structure. As for the vanishing revellers?...Well, lets just say that they’re not exactly dead...and if you’re waiting for echoes of a spooky little ghost story here you’ll be heartily disappointed...if you’re waiting for a serious display of mind boggling visceral carnage accompanied by abject gut wrenching horror with a generous dollop of ‘OH MY GOD!’...then feed the dog, get comfy...and get used to wearing a beard...’cos you won’t be able to let go of this brilliant piece of writing until you’ve finished the whole thing!

Laws characters here are well developed, believable, lively and very active which is just as well because the vibrant energy infused throughout this book is almost palpable. It’s a gloriously fast paced read with more twists and turns than a politician’s promise...and just as scary!

As a footnote I think it’s worth mentioning that whilst this book was written some time ago its rivetting, captivating content with so many other great pieces of work by numerous authors...quite timeless and should be enjoyed and appreciated accordingly.

Anyway, must dash...I have a beard to groom!

Rating 5 out of 5 stars

By The Grumbling Gargoyle

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