Thursday, 30 August 2012

Double Feature of Fright - Indiegogo Campaign

Petri Entertainment is laying down the gauntlet by producing not one but two frightening feature films 'Boxed In' and 'Bloodline: Rise of the Skinwalker'

 Today we are bringing you the first of these features 'Boxed In'


Would you like to see your name in the credits or even be an on-screen victim?!  Then keep reading to find out how you can get involved.


Movie Synopsis 'Boxed In'
College student Nate Thompson is on the cusp of having all his dreams come true. He’s on track to graduate with honors; he has the perfect girlfriend, but is presently very broke.  Hoping to propose to her at graduation, three short months away, Nate takes a moonlighting security job at “Plus Storage” a behemoth 10-story self-storage facility.  Dreaming of long nights of uninterrupted study time and burnt coffee, Nate believes he has found the solution to all of his problems. That is until four strangers break in on his first night searching for a stash of drugs hidden in one of the lockers.  Armed to the teeth and desperate for the stash, they quickly kill the other security guard and take off after Nate and his girlfriend Summer who has stopped by to bring him dinner.
Nate must not only fight to protect himself, but Summer as well, as the four thieves pursue them relentlessly through the metal labyrinth. With the only exit barricaded, a cat and mouse game ensues. As Nate and Summer get closer and closer to being caught, the thieves get even more desperate to kill them while they search for their dark treasure hidden in a mystery locker on the 7th floor.
With nowhere to hide, Nate must use items found in lockers, to take out the thieves one by one.  As more and more lockers are opened, secrets are uncovered including one that reveals that Nate’s random nightmare of a night might not be random at all.

'So how can I get involved?' we hear you ask!

Check out Petri Entertainment's awesome (when we say awesome, we mean awesome!) reward scheme for the two features over at 'Indiegogo' where you can contribute anything from $10 upwards to be a part of this upcoming double feature of fright

Indiegogo Campaign Link:-

Stay tuned this week and we will be showcasing the second feature 'Bloodline: Rise of the Skinwalker'

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