Thursday, 23 August 2012

Necroscope Book Review author Brain Lumley

The 'Grumbling Gargoyle' gives us her thoughts this week on the horror novel 'Necroscope' by author Brian Lumley.

Within the dungeon like depths of the Balkan mountains of Romania an ancient evil is gathering momentum. Buried and bound by silver in sanctified ground, this Dark Overlord of all Vampires, Thibor Ferenczy, wriggles and writhes, plots and plans, lusting  for release and revenge.

Boris Dragosani is part of that plan for freedom. Working for a special Soviet spy agency Dragosani is able to delve into the tumorously malignant mind of Ferenczy where he is taught the art of Necromancy thus acquiring the ability to tear secrets from the veritable essence and flesh of the putrescent dead.

However, Dragosani is neither pupil nor ally to the Master Vampire, he seeks only to extract the knowledge of the dark arts that will lead himself...Boris Dragosani... to global domination in his own right!
Enter Harry Koegh...Favoured by both the dead and the living and with plenty of tricks up his own sleeve ( and those of the dead ) put a spanner into the works ( to say the least ).

Published in 1986 this book ( and the ensuing series ) has been and to this very day remains one of my firm favourites. Written in a style that's easy on the eye the reader is soon drawn into this peculiar world of Vampiric rapture. I use the word 'peculiar' because that's what makes the book so damn good!

To this day it stands out from what we've come to accept as the  the norm in defining the Vampire. Indeed it could be offered that it transcends the ages. So if you're expecting a guy in a cape with fangs 'vanting to drink your blurd' or a teen heart throb shimmering vampire dust everywhere like some exfoliating fairy...this book isn't for you...this book is for those who dare to explore a re-defined Vampire. Raw, guttural, raunchy, psychosexual, transmogrifyingly spectacular...and...simply different!

Indeed, within these pages and those of the rest in this series you will meet a cacophony of characters who will take you to uncharted heights of sublime exploration...whilst allowing you to exercise escapism in a manner I doubt you've ever experienced before....enjoy...

Rating 5 out of 5
By The Grumbling Gargoyle

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