Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Piers Hazell Showcase - Zombie Art

This week we are showcasing the work of Piers Hazell, a UK artist specializing in zombie comic book art.

We have had the pleasure of talking with Piers about his work and influences, and this is how we interpret it.  Piers is an artist who creates zombie art, his love for this stems from watching zombie films.

Kill Bill Zombie

He is a ‘old fashioned’ type of artist who likes to get his hands dirty using mediums such as marker pens onto textured and plain copier paper. People often comment on the different style of Piers work asking about his influences.

His influences come from artists such as Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Kevin O’Neilll, Dave Stevens, Terry Dodson and Tony Moore not mentioning other people including George A Romero the original zombie god, Robert Kirkman the creator of The Walking Dead and FX master Greg Nicotero, someone who he learned a lot from just looking at his work.

Love Bites

Piers work is exceptional and different, creating and changing beautiful things into wonderful works of zombie realture, this artist is highly recommended by The Evil Eye.

You can follow Piers at the following locations, or email him for commissions etc.

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  1. Very impressive and original art work, would like to see it transferred into a tattoo or two ;0)