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Happy Halloween Fiends!!! 'Halloween Night Terror' Fan Film Exclusive!

Well it's that time of year again, pumpkins have been carved, we have donned our most frightening costumes and took to the streets in our masses to ring in Halloween. Today we ask all of you 'Trick or Treat?' and our reply is treat, you wouldn't want our tricks!! So without further ado lets share with you today's post.....


"I've heard of kids trick r' treating, but this takes the mick! Have they been letting the loonies out for the night too? - Jack

In this latest addition to 'The Halloween Chronicles' collection, the mythos of cinema's infamous boogeyman, Michael Myers, expands and proves that on All Hallow's Eve, no-one is safe from the madman's grasp!

It is Halloween night in the state of Russellville, a few miles from the notorious Haddonfield, and resident, Jack Dennant (Ernest Vernon), wants nothing more than to forget all about the ghouls, ghosts & glowing pumpkins that line his street outside. But having turned some festive visitors away from his door chastised and empty handed, little does Jack realise, the festival of Samhain has one last deadly trick to play....

...on October 31st, HE makes the rules...


Written and Directed by Dave Hastings and filmed on location in the West Midlands, England, in association with Lightbeam Productions and Pat the Bull Films 'Halloween Night Terror' brings back psychopath Michael Myers, and on the most part pulls off a great effort compared to some of the 'Halloween' fan films we have seen in the past. The film is brought to life with a musical score written especially for the piece by James Callaghan of the Basement Film Group, Dudley, and gives the film that extra fear and dread that audiences would expect from a John Carpenter movie score. Aesthetically, the most striking element is how 'Halloween Night Terror' captures the iconic 80's feel of the orginal 'Halloween' movie. The end of the film delivers a great message which any viral ad's campaign would be proud of!! Bravo

We caught up with Dave Hastings Writer and Director recently who told us this about the project:-

It was made for the official website and their now defunct fan film competition which was pulled and cancelled at the last minute, which was gutting not only for our crew and cast, but also others who had made films for the competition. The good side of it is that we were definitely through to the final voting stage, so we’d been selected by the competition makers before it all fell through, which is a great feeling. And since it’s been online, we’ve had some lovely support and comments made about how its scared people, and how fans have enjoyed the storyline, and how we went back to the idea of Michael Myers/The Shape stalking on All Hallow’s Eve, pushing him back into the mysterious silent shadowy figure from the original classic Halloween. We just hope people continue to enjoy it. It was made by fans for fans.

We would just like to thank Dave and the rest of the team for giving us the opportunity to view 'Halloween Night Terrors' and look forward to sharing more of their work with all our fiends here at The Evil Eye.

Follow the team behind the short at the following links:-

Adam 'Evil Eye' Cutler

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