Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What's On? A Fright To Remember - A Halloween Horror All-Nighter

This weekend in the heart of the Black Country, England, The Public Arts Centre, West Bromwich plays host to 'A Fright to Remember' A Halloween all-nighter in association with Scream Horror Magazine. The event kicks off on Saturday 27th October at 7:30pm and rolls on until 7:30am the next morning, so plenty of gore, scares and fun for all horror fans out there!!

There will be plenty going on over the 12 hour scaretastic event, check out the schedule here:-

19:30 - Short Film Showcase

Ella – (Dan Gitsham, 2011, 8mins)

Bobby Yeah - (Robert Morgan, 2012, 23 minutes)

Employee of the Month - (Olivier Beguin, 2011, Switzerland, 14mins)

Nursery Crimes - (Laura Whyte, 2010, UK, 3mins)

20.45 - Local Feature Screening:
DEADTIME (Dir Tony Jopia) (2012) (18)

DEMONS (1985) (Dir Lamberto Bava) (18)


Live performance by BIRDEATSBABY

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS (2011) (15) (Dir The Vicious Brothers)

Selected by SCREAM HORROR MAGAZINE – THE BEYOND (1981) (18) (Dir Lucio Fulci)

***Free round of espressos if you make it this far!***

Pick the final film of the evening/morning!

Simply choose your favourite from the shortlist below.

You can vote by emailing, tweeting, or posting your vote on the wall of The Public’s Facebook page!

CUBE – An ingenious thriller in which 7 strangers find themselves locked in a sadisitic puzzle.

ZOMBIELAND – Tips on how to survive the zombie apocalypse. Contains a priceless cameo!

SCREAM – A self-referential touchstone of 90’s horror, in reverence to the slasher genre.

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN – Crime caper turns vampiric all-nighter in the blink of an eye; grindhouse before Grindhouse, from Robert Rodrigez and Quentin Tarantino.

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – More motivation for staying awake all night!

£17.50 (Admission Only)
£20.00 (Includes Pizza)

This event is a true feast for all horror fans! For more information and to book tickets check out the links below:-

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Adam 'Evil Eye' Cutler

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