Friday, 5 October 2012

What's On? Folkstone Zombie Walk

They only want you for your BRAAAINS!!! Folkestone Zombie Walk is back for its second apocalypse, in association with Film 4 the Dead, on Saturday 3rd November 2012. In its first year, the Folkestone apocalypse was 90 zombies strong and this year will be bigger and better, and they are looking for fresh meat to join them. The event kicks off at 3pm on The Leas, Folkestone, with a lumber through town, including a Thriller dance organised by K College, and will end at the harbour. This will be followed with a FREE outside screening of Shaun of the Dead – courtesy of Folkestone Film Factory – as well as other pre and post event activities.

Folkestone’s local businesses have come together to support the event that is run solely by volunteers, and Folkestone Zombie Walk is a non profit organisation. There will be face painters available on the day, ready to transform you into one of the undead, or, if you prefer, you can descend on the town made up and ready to roam.

Fancy a blood cocktail or a morbid zombie cake? Then take shelter from the apocalypse at The Lavender Tea Rooms, or Totally Jazz. After the film, there will be entertainment including live music at The Chambers ticketed event, as well as a Halloween party at Home Ground. For more information please follow the links to their Facebook page and website, to be kept updated with all the latest news, activities and the growing number of zombie friendly locations.

Actually, they don’t just want you for your braaaains, they want you for your bodies too, so please join them …after all, we will be there to feast on your BRAAAINS!!

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